Affiliate. Categories of bloggers.

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Affiliate. Who is it?

Since this casino blog is designed primarily to help beginners, the concepts in it will be deciphered as clear as possible. And in simple terms, an affiliate is an intermediary between a product and a customer. It doesn’t matter if it’s a casino or a sale of diapers for children. In fact, the whole world is simply clogged with affiliation, and the same television is one big affiliate.

Therefore, it’s very strange sometimes to read forums in which some players pour with phrases such as: “I never register with affiliate links to prevent them from earning, but register immediately in the casino”, “I always put dislikes on the channels of casino streamers” and like that.

It’s strange to read such comments because, firstly, going to a casino, or buying fishing boots on the Internet, you most likely already follow someone’s referral link. And secondly, by registering through an affiliate in an online casino, poker or sports betting, you not only lose nothing, but also gain a lot. For example:

  • Exclusive bonuses and offers.
  • Raised rakeback or cashback.
  • And most importantly, help in solving unforeseen problems.

Therefore, you can greatly regret if you win a lot and fail to withdraw, and there will be no one to turn to. (I made a separate post about this).

Another thing is that casino affiliates are also different and you need to choose them correctly.

Affiliate in an online casino. Categories of people.

Starting to engage in affiliation, chatting, and reading specialized forums, I came to the conclusion that all affiliates are divided into several categories.

The first, the most common, and the most reliable is the category of former and current players (like me). They know a lot of nuances from the world of excitement. Their casino blogs based on their own experience and supported by screenshots of winnings or withdrawals. BUT casino reviews, providers eight games checked personally. With such sites everything is in order, and you can safely go and register by their links and take bonuses.

And there is still the second category of people who do not understand games at all, and they are indifferent to the excitement. But then they are good CEO specialists and marketers. Therefore, their sites are very often on the top positions in Google. At the same time, there can be absolutely any information there, and there may be no truth at all.

How do they fill the site with stories and articles? - you ask.

In fact, now everything is simple, and it concerns not only affiliate casino, but also any other direction.

On the Internet, there are a huge number of exchanges or companies with employees who are ready to write absolutely any article and on any topic for a small fee. Therefore, keeping your blog on the Internet and placing referral links, sometimes you can not understand the topic, but just have the knowledge in the promotion of sites and money capital.

And this is of course bad. After registering on the links on such sites, you can lose not only Deposits, but, what is even more offensive, their winnings.

Therefore, be sceptical of any information on the Internet, choose the right affiliates, read reviews and play only in licensed and verified casinos! Good luck and large victories!

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Affiliate. Categories of bloggers.
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Affiliate. Categories of bloggers.
Affiliate Categories of bloggers. What they are and why you should play by referral links, read this article!
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