Casino bonuses! How to recognize the "pitfalls"?


Casino bonuses. What are they?

Usually, the first thing we see when looking at any poker ad, bet or casino is the word “Bonuses”, some interest and tempting amounts of money or offer free spins.

Casino bonuses - This is the main tool for luring players to their sites. The offers look very tempting, but if you don’t understand them, it’s very likely that you just donate your casino money.

Casino bonuses! Kinds.

So, usually casino bonuses are of the following types:

  • Deposit Bonus (a certain amount is added to your deposit). Usually happens on the first, or several first deposits. But maybe on any other (then it is called a reload bonus).
  • Free spins (rotation). They can be added both separately and together with a deposit bonus. But they can be issued without a deposit.
  • Cashback Bonus. The essence of the bonus is that if you lose, you will be refunded the deposit amount, or part of it.
  • Well, various additional promotions, for example Tickets for participation in lotteries etc.

Casino bonuses! What is the catch?

And the catch is that the resulting bonuses can not be immediately removed. In order to turn bonus money into real money, they need to be played on them (play “Wager” wager) or as they say among the players - “Launder bonus”.

Wager - the amount of multiplying the bonus, on which you need to bet, so that it turns into real money. logit can be seen in this photo. logo can be seen in this logo.

Example: If you were given a bonus 100 € с wager 40, then bets must be made on 100х40 = 4000 €. That is, if you play at a bet 1 € then the "play button" must be pressed 4000 time. If it's free spins, then wager will be the amount of winnings. The same with cashback.

Therefore, it is clear that without luck, knowledge and skills bonus "wash" is almost impossible. Yes, and the casino go to all sorts of tricks to make it more difficult to play the wagering offer.

Bonuses Casino tricks.

Before You Do deposit with с bonusI recommend to always read the rules for playing offer. Often, they are hidden and sometimes quite deep.

Standard conditions.

  • Standard bonus, wager which applies only to the amount itself offer. And what wager less is better.
Trick # XXUMX
  • Wager takes into account the amount offer and amount Deposit. Usually represented by a smaller multiplication and looks more beautiful, but in fact there is a catch here. After all wager x35 for the amount of Deposit and amount offer almost 2 times more than wager x40 just for the amount offer.

Example: 100 € deposit +100 € bonus х wager 35 = need to play 7000 € (3500 3500 + € €).

Trick # XXUMX

  • Wager may not be very large and only for the amount offer, but in some games it may not be recouped at all, and in some only 50%. That is, you'll spin the slots almost for nothing. Moreover, in order to find these rules on the casino site, you will often have to try.

Example: Wager for the bonus amount х35but games only count 50% its value, so really it will be x70.

The bonus in a casino with a wager for wagering in 0% is presented in this photo.

Other important points to pay attention to!

The rules, when receiving a bonus, always indicate the maximum price of the bet by which you can play. Usually this 4-5 €. But the attitude of the casino for breaking this rule (intentionally or accidentally) all different. And it is precisely on this point of the rules that one can determine how loyal the casino is to the customer.

Breaking a rule and betting is pretty simple. For some slot manufacturers or providers, bidding is rather incomprehensible, and you can easily spin on 10 € eight 20 € per spin instead 1 € eight  € 2.

And so:

  • Great casino just won't let you do it (a reminder pops up), as well as will not allow to play the slot, in which the bonus is not cleared.
  • Good casino close your eyes to it if you accidentally make a mistake.
  • Normal casino will deduct the winnings from this bet from your account.
  • Not a good casino annuls all bonus and even possible with deposit.

It's sad to play all night, and at the end, by mistake, press the wrong button and lose all the money.


No need to rush on and beautiful numbers и bonus interest on casino banners. It is advisable to first thoroughly examine the proposal (What sometimes is not so easy to do). Otherwise, you can play, play and play nothing in the end.

Ps From myself I will say that you can play (spin, "wash") almost any wager (less reasonable). Of course, this requires a lot of luck and a little strategy. And how to win wagerread in my next post.

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Good luck to you, big drifts and huge jackpots!

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Casino bonuses! How to recognize the "pitfalls"?
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Casino bonuses! How to recognize the "pitfalls"?
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