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Bonuses at the Casino (2019)! How to Recognize Pitfalls? Find out!

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Casino bonuses. What are they?

Usually, the first thing we see when looking at any advertisement for poker, betting or casino is the word “bonuses”, some kind of interest and seductive amounts of money or an offer of free spins.

Casino bonuses are the main means of luring players to their sites. The offers look very tempting, but if you do not understand them, then it is very likely that you just give your money to the casino.

Casino bonuses are presented in this snapshot.
Casino Bonuses at 2019! How to recognize the "pitfalls"?

Casino bonuses! Kinds.

So, usually casino bonuses are of the following types:

  • Deposit bonus (a certain amount is added to your deposit). It usually happens on the first, or several first deposits. But it can be on any other (then it is called a reload bonus).
  • Free spins (free spins without deposit). They can be added either separately or with a deposit bonus. But they can be issued without a deposit.
  • Cashback bonus. The essence of the bonus is that in case of loss, you will be returned the deposit amount, or part of it.
  • Well, various additional promotions, such as tickets for participating in lotteries, etc.

Casino bonuses! What is the catch?

And the catch is that the bonuses received cannot be immediately removed. In order for them to turn into real money, you need to play for them (unscrew the “wager” wager) or, as they say among the players, “wash the bonus”.

Wager "wager" - the amount of multiplying the bonus by which you need to place bets so that it turns into real money.

Example: If you were given a bonus of 100 € with a wager 40, then bets must be placed on 100х40 = 4000 €. That is, if you play at the 1 € bet, then the play button must be pressed 4000 times. If these are free spins, then the wager will be in the amount of winnings. The same is with cashback.

Therefore, it is clear that without luck, knowledge and skills, it is almost impossible to wash a bonus. And the casinos go to all sorts of tricks in order to complicate the process of wagering the bonus as much as possible.

Bonuses Casino tricks.

Before making a deposit with a bonus, I recommend that you always read the rules exactly on wagering the bonus. Often, they are hidden and sometimes, quite deeply.

Standard conditions.

  • A standard bonus, the wager of which applies only to the amount of the bonus itself. And the smaller the wager, the better.
Trick # XXUMX
  • Wager takes into account both the bonus amount and the deposit amount. It is usually represented by lesser multiplication and looks more beautiful, but in fact there is a catch. Indeed, the x35 wager for the deposit amount and the bonus amount is almost 2 times larger than the x40 wager just for the bonus amount.

Example: 100 € deposit + 100 € bonus x wager 35 = you need to wager 7.000 € (3500 € + 3500 €)

Wager in on bonus and deposit can be seen in this image.
Example: 100 € deposit + 100 € bonus x wager 35 = you need to wager 7.000 € (3500 € + 3500 €)
Trick # XXUMX
  • A wager may not be very large and only for the amount of the bonus, but in some games it may not be recouped at all, and in some only by 50%. That is, you will spin the slots almost for nothing. Moreover, to find these rules on the casino website, you often have to try.

Example: Wager for the bonus amount x35, but in games only 50% of its value is taken into account, so it will be real x70.

The bonus in a casino with a wager for wagering in 0% is presented in this photo.
Casino Bonus with Wager 50%

Other important points to pay attention to!

In the rules, when receiving a bonus, the price of the maximum bet at which you can play is always indicated. Usually this is 4-5 €. But the attitude of the casino for violating this rule (intentionally or accidentally) is different for everyone. And it is precisely on this point of the rules that you can determine how loyal the casino is to the client.

Breaking the rule and exceeding the bid is quite simple. For some manufacturers, the bidding is rather incomprehensible, and you can easily spin 10 € or 20 € per rotation, instead of 1 € or 2 €.

And so:

  • Great casino it just won’t let you do it (a reminder pops up), as well as it won’t let you play a slot in which the bonus is not won back.
  • Good casino close your eyes to it if you accidentally make a mistake.
  • Normal casino will deduct the winnings from this bet from your account.
  • Not a good casino cancels the entire bonus and even possible with a deposit.

It's sad to play all night, and at the end, by mistake, press the wrong button and lose all the money.

An example of rules in the casino is presented in this snapshot.


No need to rush to beautiful numbers and bonus percentages on casino banners. It is advisable to first thoroughly study the proposal (What sometimes is not so easy to do). Otherwise, you can play, play and play nothing in the end.

Ps From myself I will say that you can play almost any wager (more or less reasonable). Of course, this requires a lot of luck and a bit of strategy. And how to defeat the wager, read in my next post.

You can easily launder a bonus, for example, in this licensed casino. Verified by personal experience.

And you can get great bonuses in one of these casinos checked by time and players:

Minimum Deposit
50 Free Spins in Starburst No Deposit!
€ 2 / 100₽
20 Free Spins Without Deposit! + Bonus 100 € / $ (7500₽)
€ 10
100%+100FS Payouts 1-5 min.
€ 10 / 500₽
60 Free Spins at Gonzo's Quest No Deposit!
€ 2 / 100₽
50 FS (No Deposit) + € 1000 Welcome Bonus
€ 5
40 Free Spins in Wild Wild West No Deposit!
€ 2 / 100₽
50 Free Spins Without Deposit in Book of Dead!
€ 2 / 100₽
2 € / 150₽
Get € 25 for a friend! Bonus € 100 + 300FS
€ 10
Up to € 800 Bonus and 100 Extra Spins!
10 €
120 Free spins on deposits + Bonus (25 000₽ / 375 $)
400₽ / € 5 / $ 5
Bonus 100% + Loyalty System!
€ 10
€ 1000 up to 150%
€ 20
Bonus Deposit Package: € 300 + 100 Free Spins!
€ 10
€ / $ 1,000 Welcome Package + 200 Free Spins
€ / $ 10 / ₽250
20 Free Spins Without Deposit + 500 € Bonus + 180FS!
10 €
Welcome Bonus up to € 200 + 100 Free Spins!
€ 10
+ 100FS
€ 20
€ 100 + 100FS +VIP program (40levels)
€ / $ 10
100% up to € 200 + 20FS
€ 10
€ 10
11 Free Spins No Deposit (No Wager) + Gift € 10
€ 20
Casino bonuses! How to recognize the "pitfalls"?
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