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Safely Opening a Cash Gaming Casino Account in 2023!

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Game Casino Account and Security of Cash and Personal Data of the Player!

Many people are quite serious about the safety of their homes. They install metal doors, buy expensive locks, insure and mount video surveillance.

The same applies to most car owners who spare no money on the latest models of anti-theft systems, alarms, and buying insurance! 


But when it comes to Internet security for those people (whether casino game account, or an e-wallet account), everything changes dramatically! Such players come up with an email address like [email protected], and as a password, they write the birthday of their beloved dog! And then they shout on all forums and chats that they stole millions from their casino account, stole Bitcoin в crypto casino or they can't get to their own site! Although they didn’t even have a security plugin there.

The Casino and Security account is shown in the picture.
Casino Account and Security.

I was inspired to write this post by viewing one blogger video. Who, in his appeal, claimed that he had been hacked casino account and stole almost a million rubles (\$15).

Like all similar ones, this story also turned out to be rather muddy, but the security service casino figured out and money to the player returned. The account, allegedly, was indeed hacked and the money was withdrawn to someone else's electronic wallet!

My Experience of Opening a Casino Account and Strengthening Security!

Like many others, I used to be rather irresponsible about account security when registering on the Internet! But then I began to think, because you send almost all the data about yourself to no one knows where and to whom. And although you are told everywhere that your data does not go anywhere, but think about it. After all, they are processed by living people who change jobs over time, and therefore the database can change its owner. And in what hands your data (including passwords and email addresses) will end up and how they will be used is a big question. 

Therefore, our main task is to create the most complex password and the most secure email address.

The process of creating a strong password for an online casino game account.

The main rule when creating passwords is not to use the same password twice in a row!

I noticed that when you ask someone from relatives or friends to come up with a password, a person falls into a stupor and thinks for a long time.

I came up with a way to create passwords. You take a look at any item, come up with a part of the password based on its name. Whether it's part of the serial number of the monitor on your desk or the name of a packet of pasta in your kitchen. Then add numbers and signs and get a pretty strong password. And this method has several advantages. 

  • Firstly, the password will not be associated with your personal life (birthday, wife's name, etc.), so it will be difficult to guess.
  • Secondly, the creation process will help you make it easier to remember.

Of the minuses, it is worth noting that if you actively use the Internet, and even more so create casino accounts, then you will need to come up with a lot of passwords. 

Therefore, for these purposes, the Internet has come up with such a convenient service as “Password Generator”. You simply set the required parameters and the desired key length, and the program issues a ready-made solution (password). There are quite a few free generator options available on the internet. Of the minuses, it is worth noting that passwords are complex, and they have to be saved separately on a computer or written down on a piece of paper. And type or copy every time casino entrance

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But technology does not stand still and today it’s found just the perfect solution for creating and storing your passwords! It is called: Password Manager.

Use Bitwarden Password Manager to protect your personal data!

There are many types and versions of password managers, as well as generators. Here are the names of the most famous: 

  1. LastPass Platforms: Web, Android, iOS, macOS, Windows.

  2. Dashlane Platforms: Web, Android, iOS, macOS, Windows.

  3. Enpass Platforms: Android, iOS, macOS, Windows.

  4. Bitwarden Platforms: Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Linux.

  5. 1Password Platforms: Web, Android, iOS, macOS, Windows

  6. KeePass Platforms: Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Linux.

Their main advantage is that they are installed immediately on all your devices, have a built-in “Password Generator” and can remember your passwords and store them on their own separate cloud. And to access all passwords, you will need to know only one Master Password. And if you use Fingerprint Scanner or Two-Factor Authentication to log in, then you won't need to remember it either.

After all, the main motto of Internet Security in 2019-2023 years states: "Your best password is the one that even you don't know!"

Install a password manager and learn how the application works.

Almost all managers have a similar working principle. You go through the registration procedure, download and install the program, and then integrate it with your browser or smartphone. 

After, before starting any of your sessions on the Internet, the first thing you do is enter the Master Password. All other passwords and logins from offers (including from electronic wallets and casinos) will be filled in automatically. But once you exit the Password Manager, your browser will be pristine again! Very Convenient and Safe!

The best password manager for online casino "Bitwarden".

I tried several different options and chose for myself free Bitwarden.

Casino Account Security (2020)! Bitwarden is shown in the photo.
Password Manager: Bitwarden.

Bitwarden knows how to store passwords, has a built-in and customizable generator, has an auto-fill function for data (address, credit card numbers, etc.) and does not ask for money. And he knows how to work with all known browsers: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Firefox, Vivaldi, Opera, Tor and Brave.

And for the extra 10 $ per year, you can rent 1 gigabytes of file storage, where you can store important records, documents and photos!

I recommend to everyone!

In the next part, I’ll show you how to choose an email address and use Two-Factor Authentication. Follow the blog!

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And of course, do not forget the Main Rule - Register and play only in licensed establishments listed below!

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My name is Vad and I live in one of the countries of the European Union (EU), where licensed casinos and bookmakers are allowed. I used to play poker professionally! Now I create websites (web design) and write articles about the world of gambling, gambling and online casinos .. And since I have been a player all my life, there is definitely something to tell me!

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