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Slots (Games) Dangerous for Balance! How to beat them? Discover!

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Surely, if you are a player with experience, then faced with such a situation when they lost the entire balance in one slot. At the same time, on a subconscious level, they understood that you won’t win anything in it, but as if enchanted, they continued to press the spin button. As if some unknown force held you and did not allow you to leave for another game. And after losing, you began to blame yourself for your weak character and inability to keep control of your emotions.

Slots dangerous for balance are shown in the photo. Slots casino dangerous can be seen in here. Slots that are dangerous for your balance.
Slots that are dangerous for your balance! And how to beat them!

Yes, maybe some percentage of your guilt is there, but in fact, not everything is so simple.

After all, what is the main task of any game in a casino? As long as possible to keep a player, and if possible take all his money. But if you just take the money, no chance or hints of winning, then this option will work only once, and the player will not return to the game.

Therefore, not only programmers are working on the creation of any game. But also psychologists (possibly narcologists), marketers, advertising specialists, graphic designers and other specialists. Who has more than one institution in the background. And if you lost all the money in one particular slot, then they did their job well.

Dangerous slots. How do they work?

Surely, you noticed that you don’t want to play some games (you don’t like the graphics, theme, music, sounds, etc.). You like to play others, but if the game does not play, then you can safely close it. And in the third, if you are logged in, then it is very difficult to quit.

And there are several conditions that make the game for your balance more dangerous, attractive compared to the rest.

Terms of attractiveness.

  • To start, the theme of the game should be pleasant and understandable to the player.
  • In terms of graphics, everything must also be done perfectly. (But without going over the special effects). And then some providers with this bust. And with any winnings of 10 $, everything sparkles and shines, and diamonds and gold coins pour from the sky. It looks ridiculous. And with the same Amatic or Merkur providers, the graphics are the same as in the 20 games of old. But their slots are mega popular and dangerous for your balance.
  • Another important factor. Music and sounds. I think the sounds of drop-down books in the game Book of Ra, or 99% of players know the balls in Novomati's Lucky Lady's Charm. And the song from the first bonus game in Immortal Romance, some even have a phone ringtone, and sometimes they play this slot just to catch the bonus and listen to the song again :).
  • But, of course, the most important factor in the popularity of the game should be the possibility of a very large real win. And the stories about which later diverge on the Internet, forcing over the years to play the same slot.

Dangerous slots. Examples of Personal experience.

It is clear that each player will have their own list of “dangerous” slots, which are better not to enter. But each provider has several "hits" that have "eaten" more than one balance among many thousands of players.

У Microgaming this is definitely a game Immortal Romance. In which everything is perfectly balanced for taking your money. Graphics, music, sounds. Immediately two ways to win super money, both in the bonus game, and just in the game, catching the so-called "drops".

And yes, the bonus game can really give a good multiplication (as in my photo). But more often (99%) bonus games will come with multiplication x10. What will upset you and make you keep playing (psychology). And on the 2 Scatter (you need 3 for the bonus) almost 10 moves can be dropped in a row.

As for me, in this game I don’t feel the value of the bet, and starting to play at 0.60 €, after some time I already bet at 3 or 6 € per spin. In general, for me, this slot is very dangerous, and now I just do not go into it.

A huge win in the online slot is visible in this picture. Immortal Romance big win can be seen in this image.
Immortal Romance в Goodwin Casino
Big casino winnings are visible in this picture. Immortal romance big win can be seen in this image.
Big Win at Imortal Romance

У Microgaming there are some more similar "Masterpieces" which act in a similar way. it Playboy, Games of Thrones и Terminator with its elusive bonus mode HOT MODE.

At the other provider Amatic virtually all games are dangerous for balance. Despite the primitive graphics, slots tend to keep the player beside themselves. Plus, the scrolling speed is very high, and the whole balance can be lost in a very short time. Especially if Amatic does not play. But if you catch a wave of luck, and Amatic will be on the return, then "get rich" just as quickly. as they lost before.

Golden Star Amatic Big Win can be seen in this image.
Lucky Zodiac from Amatic and a big win in Goodwin casino.
Amatic В Golden Star Casino

And of course, we must not forget Netent with his hit Space Wars, where in the hope of catching crystals, the players "merge" more than one balance.

Space Wars Slot can be seen in this image.
Space Wars / Netent

Dangerous slots. How to protect yourself from them?

It is clear that the easiest way to protect yourself, do not go into dangerous slots at all. But this is not always the case. Therefore, if the casino has such a function, then before the session we set the maximum allowable rate per spin. This will help avoid the game at high rates. 'Another effective method is a game without sound.

Try to also turn off the sound, and you will see that the scatters falling in silence no longer affect your brain.

Well, this method also helps me. Give yourself a setup that if you don't catch the bonus, then in any case, quit the game, for example, through 100 moves. But not forever, but for a while. And then come back and take all the money from the game! Psychologically, this version of self-persuasion gives you the power to stop.

If you have a list "Dangerous" slots and ways to deal with them, write in the comments.

For now, you can try your own resistance to such slots in these personally tested projects:

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Add our experience to your luck!

Golden Star casino can be seen in this image. Golden Star casino is presented in this picture.
Golden Star Bonus pack

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Slots (Games) Dangerous for Balance! How to beat them? Discover!
Slots (Games) Dangerous for Balance! How to beat them? Discover!
Each player has slots that are dangerous for his balance. He likes them, but by going into such a game, he can no longer stop. This article is about such games!
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