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Why Does Online Casino Have An Advantage Over Players?

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Online Casino Advantage


Term Casino Advantage means the mathematical prerogative of the web platform for online gambling before the users of this institution. Depending on the game, this advantage can range from 0,5% to 25%.


This mathematical advantage can be measured as a percentage. Using the example of the most famous gambling entertainment, let's try to understand what determines the value of this advantage. Gambling games differ in the level of mathematical superiority of the gambling platform. The smallest advantage of the casino is in table games such as blackjack, roulette and baccarat.


Mathematical superiority can be measured as a percentage PlayBestCasino.net there is
Mathematical superiority can be measured as a percentage


Each gambling establishment seeks to make money on the services provided to players, while the gambling platform stipulates its guarantees. In this context, it is best to mention the advantage of a gambling establishment when it does everything to increase its mathematical superiority over the players.


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The percentage of possible superiority can be different even in different types of the same game. As a result, the gambling platform is guaranteed to make a profit.

Top table games top the list of gambling versus the bank. These games are: roulette, blackjack, poker, baccarat and craps. Consider the superiority of the casino in each of these games.


Casino Roulette Advantage


Let's take a look first at roulette, the queen of the casino. Roulette is a favorite among fans of board games. Simply put, you will not find this game among the advanced entertainment. To calculate the percentage of superiority of the online gambling platform in this game, you need to take into account the main rules. There are three types of this board game: American, French and European.


The mathematical advantage of a gambling site in american roulette ranges from 2,63% to the highest value of 7,89%. That is, in American roulette, the casino's basic mathematical prerogative is 5,26%. The mathematical advantage in French roulette can range from the lowest value of 1.35% to the highest value of 2.7%.


Casino Roulette Advantage PlayBestCasino.net there is
Casino Roulette Advantage


In the European version of this game, the mathematical superiority of the casino is calculated similarly to the French version. That is, we can conclude that the casino advantage in roulette varies depending on the version of the game: the European version with one zero gives the casino a 2,7 percent advantage, while in American roulette (two zeros) the house edge increases to more than five percent.


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The player can influence the gameplay. Situation control can be permanent or temporary. In this case, the player tries to win using his mind and logic, and not deceptive schemes.


What is the average advantage of an online casino over a poker player?


It's no secret that online casinos always have an edge over players. The only question is, how great is this advantage and can it be eliminated in any way?


Let's imagine that the dealer is the poker player's opponent. There are many varieties of poker, and each version of the game has specific rules. Therefore, the percentages can be very different. In different variants of poker there is a significant difference in the values ​​of the casino superiority (from 0,5% to 5,22%).


Since this game is an advanced game, the player has a chance, given the right tactics of the game, to gain superiority over the gambling establishment. You can minimize the house edge by applying the right rules and strategies, but even then you will never be able to nullify that edge.


The advantage of the casino in the game Baccarat


Baccarat not as popular as other board games, however many players love this card game. This is a profitable gambling entertainment for any gambling platform.


Superiority of the casino in the game Baccarat PlayBestCasino.net there is
Superiority of the casino in the game Baccarat


The house edge in this game can range from the lowest 1,01% to the highest 15,75%!


This includes different types of bets with their own casino superiority limits:


  • Advantage in Baccarat (bank rate) ranges from 1,01 to 1,06%.
  • Advantage in Baccarat (bet per player) ranges from 1,24 to 1,29%.
  • Advantage in Baccarat (bet on a draw) varies from 7 to 15,75% and depends on the payout ratio.


The advantage of a gambling establishment in Baccarat also gets bigger as the game progresses. Even if the player initially wins, and these are large sums, sooner or later the casino will catch up on the loss and start making money again.


Therefore, it is wiser to leave the table when you are in the black. The house edge can also turn against those players who, instead of risking high stakes with equally high winnings, choose to win much less and more often.


Special betting strategies can be very helpful in reducing the house edge - if you stick with them consistently throughout the game, house edge can be greatly reduced.


To get an edge in baccarat over the casino, the player should follow these guidelines:


  • Choose a strategy and strictly follow the game plan - rash decisions can lead to loss.
  • Be prepared for big expenses - some strategies need to be played several times, so the player must have a financial parachute.
  • Be able to concentrate and be persistent - carefully monitor the odds in the game, the loss of control over the situation can lead to the loss of money.
  • Remain calm - being overly emotional interferes with concentration. If you are aiming for victory, avoid hard alcoholic drinks as well.


Even a single mistake by a player through negligence can negatively affect the result of the game. Keep in mind that there is no strategy for winning baccarat on a regular basis - there is risk anyway.


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The use of any fraudulent scheme that allows you to constantly beat the casino in this game is prohibited. It's one thing when a person wins thanks to his own mind and luck, and quite another, using forbidden techniques.


The superiority of the casino in the game of craps


Craps is not considered an advanced game. Casino Advantage is the most important concept in craps. Many players refuse to accept this, but unfortunately the casino has an edge over the player in every game. This means that in all games, in the end, the casino wins much more often than the player wins. The house edge in craps ranges from 1,36% to 16,67%.


In craps, the superiority of the casino depends on the strategy chosen by the player during the game. This strategy includes types of bets.


Below is an example of the superiority of the casino in craps for different types of bets.:


  • The superiority (Horn) is the greatest and is equal to 12,5%.
  • Excellence (Craps) is 5,5%.
  • Superiority (Pass Line and Don't Pass) is the smallest and equals 1,41%.


In the game of craps, you can achieve your own advantage over the club. This can be achieved by strictly following strategies that have been developed over the years.


Such strategies are based on the theory of probability and involve a long game of craps with a dozen bets. Be prepared for some of the tactics you choose to have a long losing streak. When using a strategy, it is important not to lose your composure and resist the temptation to give up.


Blackjack Casino Superiority


Blackjack - a card game in which the player tries to beat the dealer. In blackjack, the casino has a slight mathematical advantage over the player.


Blackjack Casino Superiority PlayBestCasino.net there is
Blackjack Casino Superiority


This advantage ranges from 0,5% to 16%. The takeoff run is 15,5%. These values ​​are influenced by several factors: the rules of certain variations of the game and the types of strategies. The number of decks in a game has the greatest impact on the size of the house edge. That is, the percentage of the house edge is proportional to the number of used decks.

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Below are examples of such a mathematical relationship:


  • Superiority with 1 deck is 0,17%.
  • Superiority with 2 deck is 0,46%.
  • Superiority with 1 deck is 0,6%.
  • Superiority with 1 deck is 0,64%.
  • Superiority with 1 deck is 0,66%.


There are several basic rules and events that influence the percentage of house edge. If the player chooses the correct strategy of the game, repeating after the dealer and observing his rules, the house edge increases by 5.5%. If the dealer draws an additional card with a Soft Hand, the house edge will be increased by 22%.


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This article provides information on the casino edge in various table games. In these games, the gambling platform has a different percentage of superiority over the player. With a change in the rules of the game, the percentage of casino superiority may change.


Some of the games considered in this article are considered to be advanced. These games are most popular with players because they give them a favorable mathematical advantage. To achieve this result, the player must follow certain rules and strategies. In advanced games, it is easy to calculate in percentage terms the superiority of the casino over the players.


How can a player gain mathematical superiority over a casino?


The presence of mathematical superiority in a casino does not make it a winner. A casino is just like any other company, so its main goal is to make a profit. But if the casino is only going to receive money from its customers, and winnings are very rare, gamblers will quickly find the best place to entertain. Therefore, players always have a chance to win, although in the long run the casino will never lose.


Despite the phrase "the casino always wins", there are many ways to gain an edge over any gambling establishment. People using such methods gain mathematical superiority over casinos.


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Taking advantage of the casino is a legal way to win big. By adhering to a certain strategy for a long time, a player can gain a permanent or temporary advantage over a gambling establishment. To win, you need to be persistent and be able to think rationally.


As a rule, such features are possessed by professional players who have been familiar with the game for many years. You don't have to play for money to hone your skills and gain the necessary experience - all these opportunities are available in demo games. Thus, even a beginner can acquire the necessary skills without compromising on the budget, before trying their hand at more serious entertainment.


An exception may be games where most of the outcome depends on chance or luck. For example, in roulette it is impossible to predict exactly where the ball will land when the reel spins. In this case, the strategies of using bonuses and manipulating rates are applied.


Some players double their bet with each win, others end the game after a certain number of losses. In any case, without strategy, the game is initially doomed to failure.


How to increase your chances of getting mathematical superiority over online casinos?


There are so-called "golden" rules that increase the player's chances of getting a mathematical advantage over the casino.


"Golden" rules that increase the player's chances PlayBestCasino.net there is
"Golden" rules that increase the player's chances


In addition to the presence of certain tactics, a lot depends on the behavior and emotional mood of the player.


There are several factors that greatly increase your chances of winning:


  1. Don't expect your first big bet to win. In 99,9% of cases, this leads to the loss of the entire deposit.
  2. It is not recommended to spend all your money on the game. Gambling is, first of all, entertainment, not making money.
  3. Playing while drunk or under the influence of drugs is strongly discouraged.
  4. After a big win, it is worth taking a short break and assessing the chances of a further victory.
  5. You must be able to stop in time. The signal for the player should be a winning streak or a long losing streak.


One of the best strategies is to play different casino games. You will not only increase your chances of winning, but you will also be able to take advantage of additional bonuses and unique offers.


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At the same time, in any game, one of the existing strategies should be adhered to - a chaotic game is extremely rarely profitable. You can also try creating your own strategy by playing the demo version of the game.


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Advantage Online Casino! The term Casino Advantage means the mathematical prerogative of the online gambling web platform to the users of this casino. Depending on the game, this advantage can range from 0,5% to 25%. This mathematical advantage can be measured as a percentage.
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