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Top Casinos in Ukraine (UA) 2021

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In the summer of 2019, the new President Volodymyr Zelenskyy announced his intention to legalize gambling and issue licenses to local companies to create the best top casinos in Ukraine. This surprised both Ukrainian government officials and members of the public: will the issue of legalizing gambling be resolved? But is the state ready for this?

TOP Casinos of Ukraine (UA 2020) - Bonuses and Free Spins are on the photo.
TOP Casinos of Ukraine (UA 2020) - Bonuses and Free Spins!

Our Top Ukraine Casinos

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40 Spins No Deposit For Registration by phone for Ukrainian players and 150% Deposit Bonus!

  • New Licensed Casino of 2020, developed exclusively by Ukrainian programmers!
  • 40 Free Spins No Deposit For Registration by phone only for Ukrainian players!
  • 100 UAH in deposit bonuses (000%)!
  • Weekly cacheback 20%!
  • Supported languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian
  • Accepted currencies: US Dollar ($), Euro (€), Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH, ₴)
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100 Free Spins No Deposit "Bonus Code 100SUN"! Instant Winnings Payouts! No Document Verification! No Payout Limits! VIP Cashback! Bonus € 1500 + 150FS!"

  • Licensed Casino TOP1 for players from Ukraine (UA)!
  • 100 Free Spins For Registration With A Promo Code SUN100!
  • No Verification of Documents!
  • There are no Limits on the Maximum Amount of Winning Payouts!
  • Progressive Cashback! At the last VIP level cacheback is credited not for a loss, but for bets made!
  • Instant (very fast) Payouts of Winnings!
  • Read Casino Review 1xSLOTS!
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100 Spins No Deposit in the slot RAZOR SHARK! + 1000 $ Deposit Bonus!

  • The best Licensed casino for players from Ukraine!
  • 100 Free Spins No Deposit in the slot RAZOR SHARK (Push Gaming) For Registration at the Casino Vavada (no proio code needed) To all New Players!
  • Special offer: Free slot machine tournaments with the opportunity to win real money!
  • Verification of documents only in exceptional cases!
  • Very fast payouts!
  • Casino Currencies: Russian Ruble, Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH), American Dollar (USD), Euro (EUR), Kazakhstani tenge
  • Read Casino Review VAVADA!
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JET Casino

50 Spins For Registration Without Deposit (bonus code PLAYBEST) + € 2000 Deposit Bonus + 150 Free Gift Spins!

  • New Licensed Online Casino 2020, which is perfect for players from Ukraine!
  • 50 Free Registration Spins (bonus code PLAYBEST)!
  • Currency: Russian ruble, US dollar, euro, Polish zloty, Turkish lira, Norwegian krone, Kazakhstani tenge, Ukrainian hryvnia
  • bonus On the First Deposit € 2000 (150%) + 150 Gift Spins!
  • Cashback from the casino 10% on Mondays!
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Very Fast Payouts (1-5 minutes)! Bonus 100% + 100 Spins as a Gift!

  • Instant Payments (within 1-5 minutes) 24 hours and 7 days a week!
  • Very fast document check and player account verification!
  • No Commissions for Deposit and Withdrawal of Funds from Any Payment Systems!
  • Opportunity to play for cryptocurrency!
  • Currency: US dollars (USD), Australian dollars (AUD), Russian rubles (RUB), Ukrainian hryvnia (UAH), Euro (EURO), Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Doggy (DOGE), Litecoin (LTC), Canadian dollars (CAD), Norwegian kroner (NOK), Polish zloty (PLN)
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ROX Casino

40 Free spins for registration with a promo code PLAYBEST + 200% Deposit Bonus and 200 free spins!

  • The best casino of 2020 for players from Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine!
  • 40 Free spins for registration without a deposit using a promo code PLAYBEST
  • bonus on deposit: 100% + 200 free spins for free!
  • Weekly cacheback in caizino ROX in the amount of 10%
  • bonus up to 500 EUR for the player's birthday!
  • Currency: Ukrainian Hryvnia, Norwegian Krone, Turkish Lira, Russian Ruble, US Dollar, Euro, Kazakh Tenge, Polish Zloty.
  • Read Casino Review ROX!

Gambling in Ukraine

Gambling has been banned in Ukraine since 2009. All gambling is illegal. State lotteries were an exception.

There are two lottery operators on the territory of Ukraine - M.S. L. " and "Ukrainian National Lottery". But, oddly enough, the ban brought benefits to casino owners. None of them expressed a desire to close their own business. Casinos simply disguised their own establishments with signs of state lottery operators. And none of them paid taxes to the state budget. All proceeds are received by the owners of gambling establishments. Pensioners, people with gambling addiction, teenagers visiting underground casinos left the lion's share of their income there. Nobody checked the documents there. Particularly appalling is the fact that some of these illegal establishments are located right next to schools.

New president - new impetus

With the coming to power V.A. Zelensky, the idea of ​​legalizing gambling has received a new life. The Ukrainian leader said that he would personally deal with the legalization of the gambling business.

However, the case did not progress beyond this statement in 2019. But what is the opinion of the representatives of the main political parties? Later, parliamentary elections were held in Ukraine, and the attitude of political forces towards the gambling business was of great importance for the people who voted for the candidates.

Opinion of the political parties of Ukraine

Representatives of the presidential party "Servant of the People" advocated the legalization of gambling and wanted to create their own top casino in Ukraine. For the adoption of the legislation, she needed the support of other political forces in Ukraine, which at that time had not yet decided on their position.

Legislative features

According to experts, the bill, which regulates the gambling business, should provide for all the "pitfalls" to prevent shadow operators from carrying out their illegal activities. Also, this document must provide for the protection of vulnerable groups of the population. The emergence of monopolies on the Ukrainian gaming market must not be allowed.

Experts believe that a special commission should also be created to monitor the gambling business, as well as to legislate responsibility for violation of the rules of work. Another important aspect is the taxation of gambling establishments. It is necessary to make sure that the funds go to the state budget, and not to the pockets of shady businessmen. 

On August 13, 2020, the Law on Gambling came into force, and now the activities of licensed land-based casinos and online casinos in Ukraine are completely legal!

Review of Top Casinos in Ukraine Joker Win UA

Each person can save some money. The question is how to increase them later.
I decided to try playing slot machines. Ukraine does not offer too much Online Casino on the Internet with a valid license, so my choice is Top Ukraine casinos Joker Win UA.

Review of top casinos in Ukraine Joker Win UA is pictured.
Review of top casinos in Ukraine Joker Win UA

How I decided to play casino roulette Joker with live dealers

Have you heard of the "Hawk Method" advertised so often on the web? Much more often, this method is called the Martingale system. But what can I say, even in the children's cartoon "Smeshariki" he was noted! We are simply talking about a betting game.
Namely, this:
- That is, you first bet, let's say, only 1 ruble. If you win, you get a doubled bet, that is, from one ruble 2, and again bet 1 ruble.
- But let's say you lose and lose your ruble. Then, next time, 2 rubles are already bet, and when you win, you get 4- (2 + 1) = 1 ruble. And if you lose again, then you need to bet 4 rubles, and if you win, you will win back everything and one ruble from above: 8- (4 + 2 + 1) = 1 ruble.
- Result: you always win the ruble back!

I went to the casino website, made a small deposit and started playing roulette. I successfully won several bets in a row, and then I got bored. The winnings are quite small. And I decided to take a chance! Continuing to play according to the system, after two “defeats” in a row at a new rate, I increased the rate not twice, but eight times. Now, when I lost, I lost almost everything I won before. Of course, I would not have been able to raise the next rate sixteen times. But at least I would have stayed with mine!
Do you know what the main enemy is? It's boring. It would be very boring for me to bet on the Martingale system further, even if I was gaining my own pennies. Who does not risk ...
With bated breath, I was waiting for the outcome ... Victory! Dropped red.
And finally, I made up my mind. All or nothing!
My entire deposit was wagered black. I regarded the chance of winning as about 50%. Why is that? Because the last time it still fell red, and I don’t know how it is calculated there according to the theory of probability, but the probability of “zero” it more or less compensates for exactly ... Whoever says anything, but six identical colors in a row fall very, very rare ...
I couldn't believe my eyes - win !!! Indeed, probably, beginners are lucky. One day I received the amount that I earn in a month.

Top casinos in Ukraine are on the photo.

Summing up the results

It's hard for me to talk about others Online Casino Ukraine, but Joker Win UA Casino is an honest office and let me take the money. I'm unlikely to take any more risks, because the main thing is to break the bank and stop in time. But one thing I remember: sometimes the risk is justified!

And by the way, to start playing and receive winnings in Joker Casino does not even have to make a deposit with real money, because this Ukrainian casino gives all new players 40 spins without a deposit for registration by phone absolutely free!

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TOP Casinos of Ukraine (UA 2021) - Bonuses and Free Spins!
TOP Casinos of Ukraine (UA 2021) - Bonuses and Free Spins!
TOP Casinos of Ukraine: Joker Win, Jet Casino, 1xSLOTS, VAVADA, Fastpay Casino ROX! Choose the best licensed Ukrainian casino and get free spins without a deposit for registering with a promo code! Register and get big winnings without a deposit!
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