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Casinos with License 2020 (Curaçao, MGA and Others): Play Right!

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Licensed online casinos are gambling establishments that occupy leading positions in the world of gambling. A licensed casino allows players not to worry about the reliability and honesty of the site. The permission received from state institutions of European countries gives a guarantee of reliability in the activities of the playground.

Casinos with License 2020 (Curaçao, MGA and Others) Play right there in the photo!
Casinos with License 2020 (Curaçao, MGA and Others) Play Right!

The Importance of Licensed Casino Games

Licensing documents issued by various foreign countries fully legalize the activities of any online casino. Visitors to online casinos with a license, playing slots, roulette, making bets, it does not matter if this happens in demo mode or for real money, they do not violate the laws of their country.

The presence of a license from these countries indicates that the resource is reliable, and payouts of winnings are made in full and on time. In such casinos, they are sensitive to their reputation, do not engage in fraud with the accounts of their users, and the technical support service works around the clock.

If problems arise with the user, they will be resolved as soon as possible by the technical support service.

Is a foreign state license required?

To legitimize the work of the casino, owners must receive a special document. This document is issued by a casino leading an open policy, having software from trusted manufacturers and stable site support.

In some countries, including Russia, gambling is prohibited by law. This also applies to playgrounds with gaming machines. In this case, the right step is to register an online casino with a license in the offshore zone. In countries issuing their license for gambling establishments, their own tax rules and the cost of this document are established.

Online Casino Licensing Steps

The presence of a license at an institution is a sign of his honesty. Such a document from Cyprus or another offshore country allows the casino to function legally. The certificate indicates the presence of transparency in the policy of the institution's management.

In different areas of the offshore, the process for obtaining such a document can vary significantly. It is issued only subject to country-specific requirements for gambling institutions.

It can be as compliance with all the rules and decency of the institution, as well as the presence of high-quality licensed software

You also have to pay a fee of about 10 thousand dollars. For each country, it will be different.

Casinos with Curacao License

The casino with the Curacao License is pictured.
Casinos with Curacao License

There are several steps:

  1. It is necessary to pass preliminary approval from the seller of software for online casinos. Usually this procedure takes 24 hours, and you need to pay a fee of one and a half thousand euros.
  2. A request is submitted to the commission of Curacao with all the necessary documents and a check on the payment of the preliminary fee.
  3. Upon fulfillment of all obligations, a license is issued. If not, the applicant will be indicated on all the shortcomings. The procedure can be repeated several times.
  4. Within 2 months, you need to begin to implement the stated plan. If all the documents are drawn up correctly, then the procedure takes no more than a month.

Gambling certificate allows you to engage in all types of gambling business all over the world. It will not be possible to cheat with the payment of taxes in this state; here, all suspicious activity is monitored very strictly, which allows you to maintain a clean reputation. License renewal will cost you 15 thousand dollars.

Casinos with a Cyprus License

To obtain certificate A and B you need:

  1. Open an account with any of the banks in Cyprus.
  2. Register a company in Cyprus.
  3. Send information on income and property.
  4. Create a business plan.
  5. Submit bank guarantees.

Malta online casino license

To obtain a license in Malta (MGA, Malta Gambling Authority) you need to adhere to clear instructions. After processing the documents you need to submit a request to the gaming department of the state of Malta. The business strategy should contain information about the founders, marketing plan, equipment, investment flows.

The term for declaring a gambling business in Malta is up to a month. Immediately the organization issued a temporary document for 6 months. After the final conduct of various checks, a certificate is issued for a period of 5 years. It can be extended for the same period by notifying the relevant institution not later than 2 months before its completion.

In Malta, there are 4 types of licenses for various types of casinos:

  • betting exchanges
  • online casino
  • bookmakers
  • and other.

The Malta license does not allow working with American cards and payment systems, it is worth remembering to all casino owners.

Gibraltar licensed casinos

Gibraltar licensed casino is pictured.
Gibraltar licensed casinos

To own a Gibraltar license, you need the following:

  1. Establishment of a company in Gibraltar.
  2. Choosing a company representative from this region.
  3. Design a business project.
  4. Take a test of gambling equipment.
  5. Receive all necessary documents from the regulator.
  6. Collect and apply for a license.

Here, for each type of gambling business, as in Malta, its own license is issued. Renewing the license will cost two thousand pounds; in addition, you need to conduct the most transparent activities and earn a good reputation.

Gibraltar is also the largest gambling center in the world.

License Kanawak

You provide information about the founders and shareholders, then register the command structure of the company in this country with confirmation of all necessary documents.

The Kanawak license is in the photo.
License Kanawak

Your company is being audited. You must also have a high-quality application that will ensure the confidentiality of all user data.
After you provide information on all methods of receipt and withdrawal of funds. You must also provide uninterrupted operation of the support service of your casino.

Costa Rica

The most cost-effective option is to obtain a license in a country such as Costa Rica. This can be done without visiting the state remotely. This is a good option for beginners in this world of gambling.

A casino with a Costa Rica License is pictured.
Casinos licensed in Costa Rica

In Costa Rica, a data processing license is issued, as such there is no license for gambling. Compared to other countries, its cost here is low, you can participate in partnership programs of the United States of America and the European Union, and get strong legal assistance.

The country has a long relationship with gambling, this is one of the main sources of its income. To obtain a license, you must be in Costa Rica and have legally registered employees. In the state, the activity of your business will be prohibited. That is, it is impossible to provide a platform for residents of the country.

It can take a lot of time to get a license and register a company. This can take from 2 months to six months. If you don’t want to lose so much time, you can buy a ready-made business in Costa Rica. An annual license renewal will cost you 10 thousand dollars.

UK Gambling Commission License

Casino with UK Gambling Commission License (UKGC) today are considered the most reliable and authoritative among players around the world!

The UK Gambling Commission license is in the photo.
UK Gambling Commission License

This is due to the fact that the regulator puts forward increased requirements for those institutions that want to obtain this license.

It is worth noting that the UK Gambling Commission license is several times more valuable than other types of licenses and the conditions of the game for players in casinos with an English license will be 100% honest and safe!

Casino bank account

Opening an account for casino owners is not an easy task compared to other types of business. It will be necessary to pass a very serious test. Such companies are often suspected of money laundering. Also, if you are a resident of Russia, this task will become even more time-consuming.

License Check

Checking the presence of a certificate is an important step for any casino player. The license will allow him to be sure that he will not lose his money, allows him to verify the reliability of the site. Information about the license is usually posted on the main page of the site or in the corresponding section.

If such information could not be found yourself, you should contact the technical support service. Usually at the bottom of the main page of the site there is a corresponding link, clicking on which the player will receive all the necessary information about the casino license.

It is worth paying attention to the reviews of other players. They testify to the honesty of the game platform, regular payments. Reviews of any online casino can be found on specialized forums.

A variety of games provided by the casino can also serve as evidence of a license. The best online sites use high-quality software, there are all the popular games, video slots and providers.

Varieties of licenses for the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States

The Malta Ministry of Gambling can issue 4 types of certificates for these countries:

  1. First Class License. It is issued to online platforms that specialize in video slots, lotto and board games. Get it will allow high-quality software used on the playground.
  2. Second class license. It is assigned to bookmakers, allows you to bet on sports and other events.
  3. Third Class License. Allows you to organize competitions between users. This includes bingo, sports betting, online poker tournaments and more.
  4. Fourth Class License. It is issued to developers of gaming software, companies selling hosting services.
    To possess such certificates, it is necessary to submit an application with a business plan attached to it, copies of all necessary papers and company reports. It will be reviewed within a month.
Tip: Do not forget that on the Internet there are a huge number of casinos that generally do not have licenses or have fake certificates installed! Therefore, before making a deposit, always check that the casino has a license. Or choose casinos on portals that represent only verified and licensed casinos. On our multilingual portal PlayBestCasino.net all presented casinos are officially licensed and completely flawless for players!

Licensed Casinos 2020

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60 Free Spins Without Deposit (JUMANJI, NetEnt) in the New Casino 2020!
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60 Free Spins at Gonzo's Quest No Deposit!
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100₽, 5 €, 5PLN, 5 $
Casino, Betting, Live. Bonus: 50 Free Spins No Deposit!
2 € / 150₽
50 Free Spins Without Deposit in Book of Dead!
€ 2 / 100₽
40 Free Spins in Wild Wild West No Deposit!
€ 2 / 100₽
40 Spins No Deposit (Promo Code PLAYBEST)! 200% Bonus and 200 Spins No Deposit as a Gift! + Cashback!
50 Free Spins No Deposit! + 100% Welcome Bonus € 1000!
€ 5
50 Spins Without Deposit in the game TESTAMENT from Play'n GO!
€ 300 First Deposit Bonus and € 5 Promo Code Cash Bonus PLAYBEST5!
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Useful Casino Questions (FAQ)

In order to start playing in a casino, you need to take a few simple but important steps:

  1. Choose the most suitable casino for you. You can do this by reading the description of the casino in the menu section "Reviews".
  2. Choose the best deposit bonus from the "Bonuses".
  3. Complete the registration procedure at the online casino. You can find more detailed information in the article "Registration at the Casino (2020)! Mistakes and My Experience! Learn more!".
  4. Win at the casino. This will help you post "КHow to Win or Win at the Casino? Theory (2020)! Discover!"
  5. Withdraw winnings from the casino to your cash account. To do this, we recommend reading our special post "Withdrawing Money from the Casino in 2020 (Personal Experience)! Do it right!"

In order to make a profit in an online casino when playing with a deposit bonus, we recommend reading the following articles:

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Softswiss Casino is the common name for licensed online casinos located on a special platform from the software developer SoftSwiss.

The indisputable advantage of such casinos are:

  • A large number of games and providers.
  • A variety of deposit methods and payouts of winnings (including using cryptocurrencies).
  • Usually, very fast payouts.

For example, in FastPay Casino - Instant payments come in a few minutes, and sometimes even seconds!

Such a speed, you will not find anywhere else. In details: "How to Withdraw Money from Casinos Fastpay in a minute? Review (2020)".

You can read more about the best casinos on this platform in the post "SoftSwiss Casino: TOP (2020)! Play the best!".

The new casino is an online platform that has just opened and is ready to offer players the best deposit bonuses and free spins without a deposit to attract new customers! Therefore, playing at new casinos is very profitable financially! And you can find a list of the best new casinos and read their reviews by visiting this page of our blog: "How to Find a New Casino (2020-2019) and Get New Bonuses?"

Casinos with License 2020 (Curaçao, MGA and Others): Play Right!
Casinos with License 2020 (Curaçao, MGA and Others): Play Right!
Casinos with License 2020: MGA Malta Gaming Authority, UK Gambling Commission UKGC, Costa Rica Gambling License, Curacao Gambling License! You can find out what types of certificates exist and how to obtain them by reading this post!
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