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Checking Online Casinos in 2 Minutes. Life hack from Playbestcasino.net!

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Check the casino.

In most cases, casino verification implies whether a casino is licensed or scripted.

  • A licensed casino is a casino that provides its services officially and has a corresponding permit for it. The owner of a licensed casino can not affect the percentage of return (win) of a single slot and the casino as a whole, since the whole game is played on the servers of the game providers and the casino owner does not have access to them.
  • Script casino - visually may not differ from the licensed one. There may even be fake license entries. The main difference between such an institution is the ability to configure the percentage of return of the casino on servers to which the casino owner has access.

How you can check the license at the casino, in more detail I will tell in a separate article.

Today I want to tell you how to quickly check the licensed casino for the quality of the services provided. After all, to open a casino and get an official license for today is not so difficult and expensive. It is much more difficult to earn and then retain the status of a reliable casino.

Indeed, for the bankruptcy of a small casino, it will be enough only once, when a high roller comes in to play in the casino (who does not know who it is, read my post about them on this link).

Check the casino. Lifehack from Playbestcasino.net

  • Life hacking (from life hacking, life hacking) - translated from English means "folk wisdom" "tricks of life" or useful advice.

Life hacking number XXUMX.

If you read my post about who the high roller is, you should already know that to protect against huge winnings and instant bankruptcy, small and medium-sized casinos reduce the cost of a bet per spin (spin). Especially in games that can give a very large multiplication in the bonus game. (For example DoA "Dead or Alive2).

Multiplication examples in bonus games DoA "Dead or Alive2!

Imagine what the winnings would be, play the players by stakes from € 100 per rotation.

So, to test the casino's coolness and reliability, we go into one of the games with high volatility, and select the maximum bid. If it is limited to 10 euros, then the casino is afraid of big winnings and it has a risk of going bankrupt and stop paying players. If the slot allows you to choose a bet of 100, 200 and even 400 euros per spin, then the casino is very cool and there is a lot of money to pay big winnings he has enough! Play boldly in such places.

Life hacking number XXUMX.

In your account on the casino site, or in the casino blog reviews Playbestcasino.net look at the limits on the withdrawal of winnings. The higher they are, the more solid is the casino (Ideally, without restrictions). After all, it is with small limits that some casinos are trying to protect themselves, in the hope of thus scaring off "High scooters".

Well, to stretch the payouts of winnings for a long time, hoping that the player can not resist and lose everything back, also does not add solidity to the institution.

Check the casino. Conclusion.

The reason for writing this post was the story of the owner of the casino. Slotum on Youtube channel streamer Jura Voisone "Master of Corpses".

The owner said that a certain player did deposit with 2 500 euro won with them 150 000 euro. And he did it twice a day. The first time I lost everything, I did it again deposit with and again rose to 150 000. This time, he managed to hold on and put everything to a conclusion. Casino Slotum paid all winnings in full and as soon as possible! What says about the reliability and reliability of the casino!

In general, such a conclusion, do not make deposits anyhow, but give at least a couple of minutes to study the casino, or read REVIEWS on playbestcasino.net. After all, you risk your money, and not being able to withdraw a large win later will be very disappointing!

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Checking Online Casinos in 2 Minutes. Life hack from Playbestcasino.net!
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