Bets on eSports. Past.

E-sports bets are a new section of the blog

When I was young, my first business was a computer club, the only one in my city. At first, even the Internet was not in it, since it was simply impossible to physically connect.

And there was a local network of 6 computers, on which, without sleep and rest, they played Quake 2, Heroes of Might and Magic, Need for Speed ​​3 and Age of Empires. Later, with the advent of the Internet, Counter Strike, Quake 3 and Ultima online appeared. But in order to be able to bet on eSports, then even a thought did not arise. Ordinary sports betting there was nowhere to do in our city. And in order to play slots, you had to go to land casino and change money for metal tokens (chips). Which then throw in the machine (machine) and pull the handle.

The present.

Now everything has changed. Cybersport has become so popular that in cyber games you can not only play yourself, but also make a bet on your favorite team. And judging by the news on foreign sources, the popularity of e-sports bets will only increase.

It is for these purposes that the team is launching a new project in which only the best casinos with the ability to sports betting, true reviews and the most profitable bonuses for our readers and future players.

And the casino becomes the first representative of this category., a review of which will appear in the blog as soon as possible.

In the meantime, familiarize yourself with the casino interface and get a welcome bonus by clicking on the button below. bets on cyber sports are presented in the picture specially for the site Betting on cybersport and crypto casino! Betting on eSports and crypto casinos. Not so long ago I came across an interesting study on the Internet. It turns out that the most promising area in the world of betting is betting on cyber sports (eSPORT). Analysts at UBS, a financial services company, predict that e-sports will soon “blow up” the betting market in the Asian market and by 2030 will reach ...