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What is a Casino Deposit needed for a successful game at 2019? Discover!

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Deposit at the casino. Prehistory.

Write this post prompted me one comment of the player on the forum about the casino.

It sounded like this: “The casino is bad, for the year I made 60 deposits on 20 €. There were only two withdrawals. Lost overall 1200 €. "

P.s. While writing the post, I came across one more message:


"ENRAGE))))) 49 minimum deposits, and no withdrawal! gives you a win from the deposit x3 x4 and that's it!) get the bonus 100% at the beginning! Casino gave it back while playing, closer to playing back, I lost everything (money), so here!) "

So, these records can be safely put on the first line of the rules about how not to play in a casino!

I'd like to ask him why he did it and what he wanted to win?

Yes, you can find quite a few stories on the Internet, how people with 20 $ got 10 000 $. I myself have a couple of these (though not from deposits), which I will discuss below. But such stories with a happy ending make up only a couple% of the total. After all, no one will write about the lost 20 € in the casino.

Deposit in the casino is presented in this snapshot!
What is a Casino deposit needed for a successful game?

Deposit at the casino. What to do?

Now let's figure out what deposit to do in the casino to increase the chances of winning.

And first we need to understand for what purpose we want to do it. If you just see how the reels spin, it is better to do it in free mode. And if you enter the casino to win, the deposit should be comfortable for playing and depend on the size of your bets.

You have to understand that making a small deposit (20 €) and playing at the minimum rates, it is very difficult to win something substantial. Even if you catch a mega super bonus game at the 0,20 rate with multiplication x1000, you will get the total 200 €. And then, this will happen very, very rarely. Usually you will manage to catch the bonus game with multiplication x100 (at best) and which will return the same 20 € to your balance.

In general, theoretically, 20 € is an average of 150 moves (not 100, because the game will give something in the process) at the rate of 0,2 €. For many games with high volatility (which you can win well), this is very little.

And you just do not have enough distance to play till the bonus.

To make it clear, you can take an analogy from life and conduct an experiment. Try to somehow calculate the amount of fuel for a planned trip by car. And fill the tank liters on the 5 less. All the way you will be nervous, especially if there are no other gas stations on the way.

It is quite another thing to go with a full tank.

So in the casino, making a small deposit, you just do not have time to get the bonus game. As a result, the mood will deteriorate, you can be upset, start making new deposits and eventually lose a lot more than planned.

By making a comfortable deposit for yourself, you will not only enjoy, play without your nerves, but you will still have a good chance of a good win.

And if the player from the first paragraph didn’t make 60 deposits for the year, but one for 1200 €, or 2 for 600 €, then maybe we would read the story of which casino is good and how he won 10 000 euro in it.

Big win in Goodwin Casino.

Ancient troy Endorphina big win in Goodwin Casino you can see in this image.
Big win in Goodwin Casino.
Remember! Casinos are very fond of small deposits, and are afraid of large ones! After all, large depositors have a balance margin, and they have a lot more chances to catch a good bonus game and withdraw a large amount!

Small deposit or balance. Strategy of game!

There are situations when a small amount appears on the balance sheet. Maybe casino sent you free spins, gave you a cash bonus, a cashback came, or you could not resist and made a small deposit. What to do?

For a start, mentally adjust yourself and say goodbye to this money. Now they can be perceived as virtual.

If there is an opportunity to take 100% bonus on this deposit, then we take. This will increase the distance and the chance of a Big Win. (In one casino, there was once a promotion before the new year 365% with a 40 wager like. You deposit 100 euros and get 465 € on your balance. Practically, you play only with casino money. And unscrew 14 600 € with a good combination of circumstances is not so difficult.

How to clear the bonus correctly and win wager (wager), I already wrote.

If there is no opportunity to take a bonus, then we play at a bet significantly higher than the optimum for your balance. After all, you are likely to lose anyway, but so there is a chance for success and a big victory!

For example, with a balance of 60 €, play at a rate of 2,5 € per spin in a slot with high volatility.

Sometimes it works!

My happy history!

В Goodwin As a casino player you will get bought a bonus 60 € for accumulated points.

Went to the slot with high volatility Geisha from Endorphina, was Lucky and caught a nice bonus game. The balance has already become more or less acceptable to play at normal bets.

As a result, the wager on 60 € played and 2000 € put for the cashouts. Here is a screenshot of the evidence!

Bonus in Goodwin casino is presented in this picture.
Win 2000 € No Deposit!

And finally, another important tip! Always play in proven casinos. After all, it will be a shame to win a couple of thousand from bonus points that the casino will not pay you later, referring to some ridiculous rule!

Here is a list of casinos that are verified personally. They are written on the reviews and presented the facts!

Choose and Win!

Minimum Deposit
50 Free Spins in Starburst No Deposit!
€ 2 / 100₽
20 Free Spins Without Deposit! + Bonus 100 € / $ (7500₽)
€ 10
100%+100FS Payouts 1-5 min.
€ 10 / 500₽
60 Free Spins at Gonzo's Quest No Deposit!
€ 2 / 100₽
50 FS (No Deposit) + € 1000 Welcome Bonus
€ 5
40 Free Spins in Wild Wild West No Deposit!
€ 2 / 100₽
50 Free Spins Without Deposit in Book of Dead!
€ 2 / 100₽
2 € / 150₽
Get € 25 for a friend! Bonus € 100 + 300FS
€ 10
Up to € 800 Bonus and 100 Extra Spins!
10 €
120 Free spins on deposits + Bonus (25 000₽ / 375 $)
400₽ / € 5 / $ 5
Bonus 100% + Loyalty System!
€ 10
€ 1000 up to 150%
€ 20
Bonus Deposit Package: € 300 + 100 Free Spins!
€ 10
€ / $ 1,000 Welcome Package + 200 Free Spins
€ / $ 10 / ₽250
20 Free Spins Without Deposit + 500 € Bonus + 180FS!
10 €
Welcome Bonus up to € 200 + 100 Free Spins!
€ 10
+ 100FS
€ 20
€ 100 + 100FS +VIP program (40levels)
€ / $ 10
100% up to € 200 + 20FS
€ 10
€ 10
11 Free Spins No Deposit (No Wager) + Gift € 10
€ 20
What deposit is required to play slots successfully?
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What deposit is required to play slots successfully?
Deposit at the casino. Prehistory. Write this post on the forum about the casino. It sounded like this: “I made deposits for 60 €. There were only two withdrawals. Lost overall 20 €. "
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