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High Roller at the Casino! Why They Do Not Love? Learn the Truth!

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High Roller Who is it?

High Roller - if translated from English and decrypted, then this is a player playing in large (high) stakes in the casino, poker, roulette and other gambling.

And if it is easier to say, this is a person who likes to play, while he has a lot of money and there are no psychological barriers when playing for high stakes!

High Roller in a casino playbestcasino.net is shown in this image.

High Roller. Love and hate of casinos!

It would seem that a person making big Deposits in an online casino, should be a very welcome guest in any gambling establishment. After all, theoretically, such a player can lose a lot and bring great profits to casino owners. But there is one!

Such a player can also win a lot and thus completely destroy the casino! And there are really quite a few chances to bankrupt the casino. After all, he usually has a decent stock of money and he can make additional Deposits until it catches mega gain!

How do casinos fight high rollers?

I recently made a post about how a player at a € 0.18 bet won € 5 416 at a casino Videoslots!

Now let's add mathematics and imagine what the theoretical gain would be for high stakes.

  • Bet € 0,18 - Win € 5 416
  • Bet € 1.80 - Win € 54 160
  • Bet € 18 - Win € 541 600

But some high rollers play at the rates of € 100 - € 500 per rotation.

Therefore, small casinos usually impose restrictions on rates, and, the more the slot can give (high volatility), the greater the limit on bet.

The second popular method of dealing with high rollers is a relatively small limit on the withdrawal of winnings.

A player at high stakes will simply not be interested in winning, and then wait half a year while they withdraw money!


As I have repeatedly written, for casinos, it is much more profitable for players who commit the minimum Deposits, and from which it is almost impossible to win anything. Therefore, I highly recommend you do Deposits more and read more articles on this topic.

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High Roller at 2020 Casino! Love and hate! Learn more!
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High Roller at 2020 Casino! Love and hate! Learn more!
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