» » Ludozhop (LUDOJOP) Streamer Uploads with Streams IN 2019!

Ludozhop (LUDOJOP) Streamer Uploads with Streams IN 2019!

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Urgent news! Ludozhop (LUDOJOP) streamer on his channel Youtube, released a video in which, playing in his beloved Slotum As a casino player you will get, told his fans that he would no longer stream online casinos!

The main reason for this decision, Vitaly Yuryevich, namely the name LUDOJOP, called the lack of any motivation to continue playing in the casino. As the top streamer said, even playing at super high stakes is no longer causing any emotions!

As Vitaly admitted, he was just tired of losing the money he earned. And this, in his own words, is about 2 million dollars. And he bought with them just a couple of apartments and a couple of cottages, and the rest lost. (However, according to unofficial information, one of the cottages was worth 880 000 $, so here our hero is obviously crying off :).

And when you consider that Ludozhop (LUDOJOP) More recently, I was a student of another streamer Vituss'a (Vitus), and did his first streams, sitting on a wooden chair in the corridor, it is very doubtful that he managed to get bored with the money so quickly.

The point here may be that, since Vitaly Yuryevich, in many ways surpassed his teacher Vituss'a (Vitus) by the number of fans, and became the Top streamer among the Russian-speaking Youtube. And since the advertisement of gambling in Russia is not entirely legal, it is possible that the relevant authorities became interested in him and he simply decided to retire on time. (But this is just unconfirmed rumors from the Internet).

In general, our casino blog Playbestcasino.net will follow the development of the situation! And you follow the blog!

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LUDOJOP streamer downloads with streams!
LUDOJOP streamer downloads with streams!
Urgent news! LUDOJOP streamer downloads with streams! That is what Vitaly Yuryevich announced on his channel today, aka Ludojop, aka Top Russian-speaking YOUTUBE streamer.
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