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The Volatility of Games (Slots) in Casinos: You Need to Know This! + Bonuses!

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Casino Slots Volatility. What is it?

When reading forums about casino games, one often hears such phrases: "The slot does not play", “The slot for 1000 spins did not give a single bonus game”, “The slot ate 1000 euros and returned nothing”, "The slot gives like crazy" and so on. All this can be combined with one concept - slot volatility!

The volatility of the casino slots is presented in this picture!
Slots volatility. What you need to know to win!

It is clear that most often, talking about the game of the slot, they talk about its RTP (Return to player), about which I already did a separate post.

But applicable to casino games, the volatility of slots would be a more appropriate definition. Indeed, in simple and understandable language, the volatility of the slots reflects how often the game will win and how big it will be!

Slot volatility. Why and when should a player know about it?

About how volatility slots, in the rules for the game you will not find. It can only be determined, either by playing and gaining experience personally (which is sometimes expensive), or by reading this blog, which will help you to avoid mistakes and win money!

Usually, casino games come with high, and и low volatility.

In games with high volatility, winnings will be rare, but with large multiplication, and in games with low volatility, frequent, but usually small.

Examples from life: The game with the highest volatility, of course, is the lottery. You can buy tickets all your life, but never have time to win something. But if you manage to win, then enough for several lives at once! And the game with the lowest volatility is the black and red roulette game (theoretically, you will win every other time, except for Zero), but the winnings will be scanty relative to the bet.

According to my observations, most players prefer big wins, therefore for this you need to play slots with high volatility. But…

But this requires several conditions.

  • First, to play such slots, you need a solid cash balance. After all, such games can easily “eat” 1000 € at a rate of 1 € and not give a bonus game.
  • Therefore, to play such games you also need enough time and strong nerves. It’s not so easy to watch your balance melt without a chance to win.

Volatility and casino bonuses.

The most important thing about volatility You need to know when you are playing with bonuses and you need to play a wager. (What is wager and how to play with bonuses, I already wrote).

So, when you play with a bonus, according to my observations, you need to use slots with different volatility during one gaming session.

  • At the first stage, we need to take a chance and increase our bankroll (balance sheet). Therefore, we increase the bet and play games with high volatility.
  • And if you are lucky and the balance can be doubled or tripled, then the bet can be reduced, choose slots with low volatility and quietly "wash" the bonus. My personal record according to this scheme was winning and paying 2000 € with 60 € bonus money in Goodwin Casino. (The story with all the evidence has already been described separately!)
Bonus in Goodwin casino presented in this picture.
Win and Payout 2000 € with 60 € Bonus Money!

Volatility of slots. Examples of games.

In the world of online gambling, there are providers who have almost all games either with high volatility or vice versa with low volatility.

Catch the bonus game Amatic or Endorphinais much more complicated than in slots from ELK Studios, eg. But, having caught a bonus, in any Geisha from Endorphina or Lucky Zodiac from Amatic, you can almost always expect a significant recharge. And in Electric Sam from ELK Studios you will catch bonus games through the turn, but large winnings will happen extremely rarely.

Golden Star Casino and Geisha from Endorphina Mega Big Win you can see on this image.
Win in Geisha in the casino Golden Star
Lucky Zodiac from Amatic and a big win in Goodwin casino.
Amatic в Goodwin Casino
Electric Sam Elk Studios at Everum Casino game can be seen in this image.
Electric Sam / Elk Studios

Slot volatility. Conclusion

Based on my experience, I would say that with the exception of the bonus game, it is almost always better to choose slots with high volatility.

After all, you play in a casino! And if luck is on your side, then the same Amatic can give bonus games every 10 spins, even at big bets!

You can try different slots, and still get free spins, in proven and licensed casinos:

50 Free Spins (25 DoA2 + 25 Gonzo's Quest) No Deposit!
100 Spins Without Deposit in Space Wars! + 1000 $ Bonus!
40 Free Spins in Wild Wild West No Deposit!
50 Free Spins Without Deposit in Book of Dead!
50 Free Spins at Starburst No Deposit!
20 Free Spins Without Registration (Phone Number Only)!
60 Free Spins at Gonzo's Quest No Deposit!
20 Free Spins Without Deposit + 500 € Bonus + 180FS!
Bonus 200 € + € 10 As a Gift for Deposit + 11 Free Spins Without Wager!

Add our experience to your luck!

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Slots volatility. What you need to know to win!
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